Security has considerably gained in importance over the the past few years (especially in Europe) and has now become a focal point in all areas of life. This applies to the private sector as well as companies, municipalities, government and non-government organisations, as well as associations.

Our services include consulting and the development of safety concepts, operations and relevant trainings.

Holding the business licenses for the whole security sector (security guard and professional detective) as well as for credit agency, business consulting, event management, and trade (incl. arms trade via shareholding), we can offer comprehensive services.

Our international network is made up of specialists in their respective areas, including experts with the relevant official background as well as professionals in the private sector, depending on the situation and task.


Every client and every situation are individual. We rely on individual solutions instead of standardised offers.

THE BLACK TOWER SECURITY in the first place focuses on being a competent and reliable partner for special tasks.

Target groups / clients

private clients

Possible task:
'Due to my personal / professional situation / as I am professionally / privately regularly carrying important documents / large sums of money, I would like to increase my safety with close protection services tailored to my specific threat situation.'

More scenarios for private clients

  • We and friends of ours are worried every weekend when our underage girls go out in the evening - we would like to find out about the options for close protection so that we can sleep peacefully again.
  • The recently increasing home invasions are worrying me. I would like to know both what I can do and what I am allowed to do - armed and unarmed - in my own home to defend myself / my family.
  • My kids are being mobbed / insulted / threatened at school / on the way home / in the shopping mall by aggressive schoolmates.
  • I am a teacher and increasingly confronted with insults / threats by students and their parents.
  • I am working in the public service (such as unemployment office, hospital, social insurance, etc.), and am increasingly insulted / threatened by clients / patients.
  • A friend was threatened / assaulted / sexually abused and immediately needs protection and help.
  • My partner thinks she is being stalked.
  • I fear that my daughter has fallen victim to a loverboy.
  • My daughter is harassed / groomed in the Internet (cyber grooming).
  • My son has lately been hanging out with shady people and then vanished. I am in sorrow and fear that he drifted into a bad milieu and is in danger.
  • I / my family / friends would like to learn basic techniques and behaviours in self-defense.
  • My holiday home in Mallorca has been occupied by clans. I am scared and no one can help me and protect my interests.

corporate clients

Possible task:
'I am concerned about the safety within the buildings of my company and would like to know how hard it is to invade our premises. A security concept shall then ensure that potential weak points are identified and eliminated.'

More scenarios for corporate clients

  • My employees are more and more often becoming victims of verbal and physical attacks. They urgently need to be trained in self-defense in theory and practice as well as learn the legal frameworks.
  • The employees of my security company are very well trained for their respective areas of work; however, during some of our events they are assaulted in a way that surpasses their abilities. We would like to get informed about the options regarding expert support for these events.
  • I have received requests for protection money. The police cannot be on the spot permanently, which is why we are not feeling safe anymore.
  • As a result of changed political circumstances my company is worried about the safety of our employees abroad and would like to bring them home safely.
  • The employees of my company, which offers - among other services - safaris in Africa, is threatened by poachers.

communities, organizations & associations

Possible task:
'How can I secure my big event against actual threat scenarios?'

More scenarios for communities, organizations & associations

  • Our employees in the areas of parking management, ticket control, etc. are more and more often falling victims to physical assaults. Relevant skills and knowledge in the areas of security and control techniques are necessary.
  • Our employees in the public service (such as unemployment office, hospital, social insurance, etc.), are increasingly insulted / threatened by clients / patients.
  • The employees of my NGO acting against forced prostitution and human trafficking are worried about potential issues with pimps / are threatened by pimps.
  • Or animal protection organisation is threatened by poachers / illegal fisherman.
  • My organisation needs support in the development of a concept as well as the recruitment of the necessary employees of immigration holding centers / detention centers in my country and abroad.
  • What can I do to prevent that demonstrations are escalating?
  • Our city / district cannot get the problems with violent gangs / clans active in the areas of drug / weapons / human trafficking, kidnapping, robbing, and prostitution under control any more.
  • Our police officers have been well trained for their respective tasks; however, recent developments have caused a sharp rise in massive physical assaults against our officers. We are looking for new security concepts as well as training in law enforcement techniques tailored to our needs.

Our services

In most cases the development of comprehensive security concepts or the evaluation and adaptation of existing ones are crucial for the determination of the most appropriate measures (operations and / or trainings).

  • analysis of the status quo including evaluation of possible existing concepts
  • goal definition (SMART where applicable)
  • determination of appropriate measures
  • implementation
  • evaluation

Our operations include the following services:

  • close protection, security escort and witness protection
  • surveillance & countersurveillance
  • returns, evacuations & safety abroad
  • event safety, property protection & building security
  • stress tests: infiltrations, penetration tests & detection of bugging devices
  • money and valuables transports
  • security driver
  • measures against demands of protection money, criminal clans, squatting, stalking & assaults
  • measures against sex crimes, forced prostitution, human trafficking, loverboys & (cyber) grooming
  • finding / locating people
  • investigations & evidence collection
  • economic crime
  • cybercrime

We are offering a number of courses in the field of security - always tailored to your needs and the number of participants:

  • close protection
  • self defense
  • law enforcement & security training
  • shooting training
  • extended first aid / TCCC
  • survival training
  • convoy protection
  • hostile environment training
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